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Here is a quick video to show how to set up and get the full benefit of your Seenetic VR :

Please pay attention to these important points :

1 - To make sure that the lens distance can be adjusted without any obstruction, set the lens distance adjustment at the lowest position : the lens should be as close to your face as possible . Only then place and stick the holders as close to the main screen as possible.

Lens distance adjustment Vive

HTC Vive Pro lens distance adjustment (source : Vive)


HTC Vive lens distance adjustment (source : Vive)

2 - Remove the facial protection foam before inserting the device in the holders. Then put it back so that the Seenetic VR's wires are wedged between the headset and the foam.

3 - When inserting the device in the holders, make sure the "Seenetic" writing is at the bottom of each screen.

4 - For a better stability (and efficiency), insert the forehead strap into the switch slots.

Switch operation

Seenetic VR's switch accepts two positions : 

Seenetic Battery Battery/Charging mode : in this position, the device operates on battery (about 5h autonomy), or can be charged once the battery is flat.

Seenetic Supply Direct Supply/Off mode : in this position, the device operates on power supply (through micro-USB). When unplugged it turns off.

Important notice : when inactive for a couple minutes, the device automatically turns to sleep mode. Just tilt it to wake it up.

Pro tip : A USB port is available on your headset and can be used to power your Seenetic VR. Find out more about the connectivity of your Vive or Vive Pro

Warranty extension 

Here is the form to get an extra year of warranty for your device :